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  • Azure DevOps Pipeline for CRM – Solution Packager

    The first step in implementing the Azure DevOps pipeline process for Dynamics 365 is to extract/decompose the CRM solution into its individual components. This is done through the solution packager provided by Microsoft. You can download and install the solution packager from this link After you install the the solution packager on your disk, you… Read more

  • Retain Overridecreatedon and createdby in Dynamics 365 during data import

    In Dynamics 365 data import, the data imported will create records with today’s date and the data created will be logged against the user who is currently logged in even though the original createdon and createdby user could be different. In many cases, when you’re importing an existing or legacy data in your Dynamics 365,… Read more

  • Power automate – Using contains in the filter query

    In power automate, you can use contains in the filter query to filter the records that contains a matching text. The contains can be used as following: contains(subject, “TestCall”) eq true Read more

  • Azure Virtual Network (AVN) and Subnets

    Azure Virtual Network (AVN) and Subnets Azure Virtual Network is a home for virtual machines AVN consists of an IP address range Subnet is a logical separation of resources that you can have in a virtual network. Each subnet has an address range and is a subset of address range of the AVN You can… Read more

  • Debugging Unified Service Desk Custom Control using Visual Studio

    Debugging Unified Service Desk Custom Control using Visual Studio https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-service-desk/debug-custom-code-unified-service-desk?view=dynamics-usd-4.1 Creating and Debugging a Unified Service Desk Custom Hosted Control Read more

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I am a Microsoft power platform and Dynamics CE consultant and developer. I have been working on the CRM since version 4.0. I have experience across different industries, few of them being Banking, Retail, Health/Medical, Education, Energy. I have done several Dynamics CRM Sales/Service implementation across these industries. I have experience in developing contact center solutions by integration telephony systems such as In Contact, CISCO Finesse with Unified Service Desk. I have implemented several integrations of Dynamics CE with other platforms.

I love Tennis, reading and writing poetry.

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