USD Outbound call – Triggering an UII action from a Session Overview

In USD session overview xaml, you can trigger an event or UII action through a command parameter. You can pass the replacement parameters as parameters to this UII action.

In this example, we will trigger an UII action. Additionally, we will pass the telephone number and agent Id to this UII action. The xaml for the telephone number attribute and the command parameter looks like this:

<Image Style=”{DynamicResource ImageLogo}” Source=”{Binding Source=msdyusd_Phone16, Converter={StaticResource CRMImageLoader}}” />

    <TextBlock  TextWrapping=”Wrap” Padding=”5,0,0,5″ FontSize=”12″ Text=”Mobile: ” Foreground=”#262626″  VerticalAlignment=”Center”>

  <Hyperlink Command=”CCA:ActionCommands.DoActionCommand” CommandParameter=”http://uii/CTIConnector/MakeCall?tel:%5B%5Bcontact.mobilephone%5Du+x%5D%26agentid:%5B%5Bsystemuser.edw_agentid%5Du+x%5D”&nbsp; FontWeight=”Regular” AutomationProperties.Name=”Telephone Number [[contact.mobilephone]+x]”  Foreground=”#FF3B79B7″ FontSize=”12″>[[contact.mobilephone]+x]</Hyperlink>





NOTE: To pass more than one parameter in the command parameter URL, always use encoded format. In the above example, & is encoded as %26. You can’t pass & but the encoded format of ‘&’ which is %26

MakeCall is the custom UII action. I am overriding this action in the CtiConnector custom code. The code will perform the outbound call through a telephony system.

From the session overview on USD, click on the mobile phone link

Couple of things to note:

In this example, we have one command parameter. If you want to add an additional command parameter in the xaml, you need to add an additional hyperlink element. This is not recommended.

If you want to trigger or perform multiple actions through this command parameter, the best way to do it is adding a new event and fire that event through the command parameter. For example, in the same example, if you want to trigger a phone call and also create a phone call record, you can handle this through the event.

You can fire the event through this command:


FireOutboundCall is the event that is being triggered. You can create this new event on the hosted control Patient, and add action calls


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